Welcome to the 15th Limanowa Cup!

We invite everybody to the 15th Jubilee Edition of Limanowa Cup. The competition will take place on 29th-31st July 2017, near Limanowa.

Some time has passed since our competition and we are now ready for some summaries.
We would like to thank all the competitors and coaches who decided to spend a few days of their summer holidays with us. We are delighted that such a great number of people come each year to test themselves against the courses in Limanowa Cup.
On the occasion of our 15th anniversary we express our thanks to all the people involved in organizing Limanowa Cup, both this year and during all previous editions. Without their hard work and effort this competition would not be such a success. We also thank our sponsors who support our club and our competition: Pawlimex for preparing the stone statuettes and other sponsors (Limanowa Commune, City of Limanowa, Bank Spółdzielczy in Limanowa, Midrew, InDeco, Phoenix, Elfach, Domex, Wojtas) for their support during all editions of Limanowa Cup.

This year we had 351 competitors, including 50 foreigners (from Belarus, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine). We encourage everyone to return next year, so that we can repeat or beat this result.

Please take a look at our website, where you can find lots of photos and maps for all classes from all stages.

Since this was the 15th edition we also honoured the best competitors in all of Limanowa Cup. First place goes to Jerzy Kryjomski, with 7 gold medals and one bronze. Right behind him is Relu Tamas from Romania, who has been coming to Limanowa Cup for the last 7 years and winning every time. Third goes to Paulina Cygler (6 gold and 2 silver medals). This is the same result as Marcin Biedermann, so the final decision was with the main referee.
When it comes to club results, WKS Wawel Kraków won their 100th medal, as expected. They currently have a total of 102 medals and their positions should not be threatened for the next few years.

Summing up, we invite everyone to the 16th Limanowa Cup, which will take place on 27th – 29th July 2018 in Krynica-Zdrój. We are preparing for you three interesting terrains, so that the competition will be very exciting and everybody will enjoy their course. See you next year!

15th Limanowa Cup 2017 is officially behind us. Thank you all for participating. We are happy that you show continuing interest in our competition. We would also like to apologize for all our shortcomings, especially the mix-up with the control points during Stage 3. We will make sure that there are no similar issues in the future.

Please take a look at the results, photos and maps from classes K21E and M21E. Maps and courses for all classes will be posted on the website tomorrow.

A summary of the whole competition and all 15 years of Limanowa Cup will be posted shortly.

Stage two of Limanowa is over. Please take a look at the results, photos and maps from classes K21E and M21E.

Start lists for Stage 3 can be found here. Please remember to pick up the stickers with your starting minutes tomorrow at the competition office.

Remember that we have two starts tomorrow. Details are described in Bulletin 2.
Don't forget your parking ticket, which allows entry to the car park next to the competition centre.

First stage of Limanowa Cup is behind us. We present results, photos and maps from classes K21E and M21E.

Tomorrow we start at 12:00. Link to follow online results is available in "Reults" tab. As some of you might have noticed, we have radio control in the forest. You can find the readings together with the online results.
If you cannot be here, join Limanowa Cup online.

We invite you to follow our competition online. You can find link to online result in "Result" tab.

People who booked accommodation in 1st Primary school in Limanowa will be moved to ZSTiO dormitory. You can choose small gym or common room. Location of this accommodation can be found on map in "How to get here" tab.

Start lists for Stages 1 and 2 can be found here.

English version of Bulletin 2 is available now.

The Bulletin 2 (only Polish version) is available now. Please look at 'Bulletins' tab. English version will be ready soon.

We would like to remind you that the entry system will be open only until tomorrow, Saturday 22nd July. Until then you can also edit your entry and other data.
Meals can be booked until Sunday, 23rd July (please email: witollds@poczta.onet.pl).
T-shirts can be ordered until 27th July, after then you can buy them in the competition centre

We decided to extend the entry deadline to 22nd July (this Saturday).
We have almost 300 competitors on start list - great result, but we are still waiting for you!

We offer dinner during Stage 1 and 2. It costs 16 PLN per day. If you are interested, please send us e-mail: witollds@poczta.onet.pl.

During Stage 3 there will be a fast food bar at the competition centre.

Time is running fast and the competition is getting closer and closer everyday. There are only 2 weeks left. We encourage everyone to sign up.

We present the desing of the competition T-shirt. The price is 25 PLN. Please send your orders to: witollds@poczta.onet.pl. You can also buy it in competition office.

There is only one month left to the competition, so preparations are in full swing.

We have added new accommodation options, in a dormitory in Limanowa. Bookings will be available via the entry system from tomorrow.

At the same time as our competition the city of Limanowa is celebrating Limanowa Days, with a funfair, prize contests, local cusine and concerts. On Saturday after the run you can listen to Baciary - a folk band with a modern twist. Rock band Varius Manx will perform on Sunday. A good opportunity to relax between stages of Limanowa Cup.

Limanowa Cup entry system is open now. We are wainting for your entry.

Bulletin 1 has been updated with first accommodation options. At the moment we have sleeping places on floors in two schools.
Please takea look at the updated bulletin.

On the website in the 'Bulletins' tab you can find Bulletin 1 and a promotional leaflet.

There are just over six months left to the competitions, so we are really getting to business with the preparations. Please visit our website often and give us a 'Like' on our Facebook page.

Welcome to the official website of the 15th jubilee Limanowa Cup.

In 2017 Poland is hosting an unusual orienteering event - The World Games. Is is the most prestigious competition in the world - more high ranking than the World Championships. It will be held on 25th - 27th July. The organizers are preparing an accompanying event O-games. Limanowa Cup will take place right after O-games, being a second part of the accompanying event to The World Games. The programme of the whole week is a follows:

25.07 - O-games / The World Games day 1
26.07 - O-games / The World Games day 2
27.07 - O-games / The World Games day 3
28.07 - rest day
29.07 - Limanowa Cup stage 1
30.07 - Limanowa Cup stage 2
31.07 - Limanowa Cup stage 3

The last week of July 2017 will be a big orientering festival in Poland. We invite you to take part both in O-games and Limanowa Cup.

As far as 15th Limanowa Cup is concerned, we are going back to our roots in Limanowa. We are planning 3 forest races (middle, long and middle), which will be held in the most interesting terrains around Limanowa. Although it is mostly a mountainous area, the maps and courses will be prepared so as to ensure the best conditions for orienteering.
In the 'Terrrain and maps' and 'How to get here' tabs you can find more details regarding particular stages and their location.

We strongly encourage everyone to take part in Limanowa Cup 2017!
Below we present the official logo of the competition.


Competition organized by UKS Patria Młynne: