Welcome to the 14th Limanowa Cup!

We invite everybody to the 14th Limanowa Cup. The competition will take place on 22th-24th July 2016, near Rabka Zdrój.

I believe everyone has recovered after the competition. Now, it's time for some summaries.
First of all, we would like to thank all runners for taking part in our competition. Without you there would be no Limanowa Cup. Next, a big thank you to all who worked to make this competition a success. Special thanks go to Witold Sochacki, main referee and chairman of Patria Młynne sports club, for all his efforts to organize this and all previous editions of Limanowa Cup. We thank all the sponsors, especially Columbus Energy, for their support and for funding the prizes.

This year we had 363 runners, including 66 foreigners ( from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Ukraine). It is a result similar to last year and we hope that future editions will enjoy a similar popularity.

During Stage 2 we held an orienteering match Poland vs. Europe. The winner is Poland (both teams got the same number of points, victory was dediced by the number of wins). Special prize from the Patria Młynne chairman went to Rimantas Cicenas for beating Paweł Morawski in M50 class. Detailed results of the match below.

Please check out the competition website. There are a lot of photos in the Gallery section, as well as maps from all stages for classes M21E and K21E.

We updated the medal table for all editions of Limanowa Cup. In the individual ranking Jerzy Kryjomski in back in 1st place, with seven gold medals. Right behind him are four runners (Paulina Cygler, Marcin Biedermann, Jerzy Parzewski and Relu Tamas) with six gold medals, so a lot may happen next year. In the club ranking WKS Wawel Krakow is in the lead and will probaly get their 100th medal next year.

And finally, we would like to invite you all to the 15th Jubilee Edition of Limanowa Cup. It will be held next year around Limanowa (we're back to our roots). As far as the exact date is concerned, we ask for a little patience as we want to settle a few things before making any announcements. We can definitely promise that it will be interesting!

14th Limanowa Cup 2016 is officialy behind us. We had a great weather, and the races brought a lot of fun and emotions. We hope you enjoyed your time in Rabka-Zdrój and Kasina Wielka. Nowe it's time to prepare the next, jubilee edition of Limanowa Cup (more info soon).
As always, we present results, photos and maps of classes K21 and M21 .

A summary of the whole competition will be posted shortly.

Stage two of Limanowa is over. Please take a look at the results, photos and maps from classes K21E and M21E.

Start lists for Stage 3 can be found here. Please remember to pick up the stickers with your starting minutes tomorrow at the competition office.
We would like to apologize for a small mistake in the bulletin - we switched the course parameters for classes M21E and M20-21.

In today's Orienteering Match - Poland vs. Europe both teams had the same number of points, but Poland gets the title by having more winners. Details will be published tomorrow.

First stage of Limanowa Cup is behind us, with almost 400 competitors. We present results, photos and maps from classes K21E and M21E.

We would like to remind you that in order to park your cark tomorrow, you must have the parking ticket from our office. If you do not have it, you can buy it tomorrow when you enter the car park. The price is 10 PLN and includes car park for Sunday.

We present start lists for stages 1 and 2. List for stage 3 will be published on Saturday, after stage 2. Lists are available here.

In answer to your numerous questions, for stage 1 we propose running shoes without spikes. As for clothes, we suggest shorts and a T-shirt.

We would like to inform that during stage 2 in Kasina Wielka we will once again hold an Orienteering Match - Poland vs. Europe.
Coaches selected by the organiser will choose for their teams one contestant from classes:
-K14, K16, K18, K20, K40, K55
-M12, M14, M16, M18, M40, M45, M50, M55, M60

Poland: Władysław Machowski (OSiR Góra Kalwaria) and Jerzy Kryjomski (Kościelec Chrzanów).
Europe - Tamas Relu (Romania) and coach from OK Oriens (Lithuania)
Teams have to be submitted until 11:30 on Saturday, 23 th July.

The winning team and its coaches will receive commemorative Limanowa Cup 2016 T-shirts.
There will be an additional prize for the winner from class M50 (class of Patria Młynne chairman).

Score: 3 points for winning, 2 for equal time, 1 point for losing, 0 points for disqualification. In case of a draw, the team with most winners gets the title.

We present English version of Bulletin 2. It is available in "Bulletins" tab or here.

There is possibility to order additional meals for Sunday. If you are interested, please let the competition office know on Thursday or Friday.

We present Bulletin 2 (only Polish version for now). English version will be available tomorrow. You can find it in "Bulletins" tab or here.

Today at midnight we close the entry system. This is your last chance to sign up.

Now some news.
1. During the prize draw there will be a special treat for classes KM18+. Columbus Energy sponored a 2-day stay for two people in Willa Nałęcz in Zakopane.
2. Those of you who would like to book accommodation or meals, please let us know by end of day, Tuesday: witollds@poczta.onet.pl.
3. We present course parameters here.

We are happy to announce Columbus Energy as one of our sponsors and founder of prizes for the best competitors. To find out more about this company, please click on the below logo.

Our competition will be held under the patronage of the Mayor of Rabka-Zdrój, Mrs Ewa Przybyło and the Chairman of the Polish Orienteering Association, Mr Krzysztof Urbaniak.

Information for all train fans.
For those who will be staying in Rabka-Zdrój we recommend travelling to Stage 2 by a retro-train (the train departs from Rabka-Zdrój at 9:50 – detailed timetable available here). To allow you this opportunity we have moved the start time on Saturday to 12:00.
The organizer can provide a return trip to the centre of Rabka-Zdrój at 10PLN per person (the minibus will be leaving every 30 minutes). Please let us know if you need a return trip via email: witollds@poczta.onet.pl.

For desserts we present fragments of all three maps.

We would like to remind you that accommodation at the school in Kasina Wielka and dinners must be booked via entry form. All of you that have booked accommodation, please check your entries, as we have corrected errors in the accommodation dates.

We have decided to allow more time for entering the competition. The entry form will close at midnight on Sunday, July 17th. Please bear this in mind.

On Saturday evening in Rabka-Zdrój there will be a concert, part of Lato z Radiem (Summer with the Radio) tour. More information and programme can be found here.

Time is running fast and the competition is getting closer and closer everyday. There are only 18 days left. We encourage everyone to sign up.

Bulletin was updated in information concerning board and car parks. Please take a look.

We present the desing of the competition T-shirt. The price is 25 PLN. Please send your orders to: witollds@poczta.onet.pl

Bulletin 1 was updated with accommodation info. For now we offer places in a school in Kasina Wielka (ca. 1 km from Stage 2 area). Further options will be added soon.

This accommodation option is also available in entry form.

In 'Bulletins' tab we published Bulletin 1 with all neccessary information. We also opened entry system, so we invite you to fill entry form.

Due to World Youth Days some of accommodation options in Rabka-Zdrój are already booked. We suggest booking your accommodation fast.

Welcome to the official website for the 14th Limanowa Cup. Next year's edition of our competition will be held in close neighbourhood of Rabka Zdrój. More details soon.

We are also proud to present the logo of the 14th Limanowa Cup.


Competition organized by UKS Patria Młynne: