Zveme Vás na 10. edici Limanowa Cup!

Zveme všechny na letošní jubilejní 10. edici závodů Limanowa Cup. Závody se budou konat ve dnech 27.-29. července 2012 ve Staré Wsi a Tymbarce.



Time to sum up our competition. We had 317 contestants, including 31 foreigners from 6 countries (Norway, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Taiwan). 253 people finished the competition - almost 80% of all contestants. The medal classification was won by UMKS Orkan Ostróda (4 gold medals, 2 silver and 1 bronze) before WKS Wawel Kraków and UKS Patria Młynne. The biggest number of medals was taken home by contestants from WKS Wawel Kraków and UKS Orientuś Łódź - 8 medals per club (detailed classification in the 'Results' section). We will soon update the list of all Limanowa Cup medalists.



In the 'Results' section we have final results and split-times of today's stage. In the 'Entries' section you can find current start lists.

We would also like to remind you that tomorrow in classes M18, M20, M21, K18, K20 and K21 there will be a competition for the title of The Best Mountaineer - the distance between checkpoints 38 and 41 will be 470m, with an elevation of 140m - hardcore

Jubilee 10th Limanowa Cup starts tomorrow. We begin in Stara Wieś. Time to catch up with the news.

Starting list: here
Starting list by clubs: here

Another important information is the joining of three classes. Due to few entries in classes K35, K40 and K45, contestant in those classes will start in new class: K35-45.

English Buletin 2 is available.

The technical announcement is available in the Bulletin section, labelled ‘Bulletin 2’ (only in Polish for now, the English version coming soon). You will find there details on all the races, as well as the courses' parameters for all three stages of Limanowa Cup and the Tymbark Orienteering Show relays. Due to the main admin of the site going on holiday the news about the competition will be posted here: . Please send all emails to: witollds@poczta.onet.pl. This site will be up and running again just before the competition.

We remind you about entries for Tymbark Orienteering Show. Please send the declaration of entry (no names for now) until 15th July via email to: witollds@poczta.onet.pl. Also, the accommodation option no. 4 (dormitory at ZS no. 1 in Limanowa) is no longer available.

We have a very interesting contest coming up in the men's elite class M21. At the moment we have entries for 4 Lithuanians, 3 Norwegians and 1 Taiwanese. We encourage Polish and other foreing contestants running in this class to try themselves against such unusual opponents.

We have decided to prolong the entry deadline until 14 July, so all of you that are still hesitating - take a look at the entry form here and on the PZOS's website. We are also putting the finishing touches on the organisation of particular stages. We will soon post detailed information and a technical announcement.

We are presenting the official competition poster. You will see it soon in many places around Limanowa and Tymbark.

There have been some changes regarding accomodation. We have already taken them into account in the entry form. (Option 1 and 3 have been removed and we have changed the number of available places in options 2,5,7 and 8) Another update is the change in the position of the Event director - the post has been passed to Marek Golonka.

In the left-hand menu a new section “Show” has appeared. It will be a new event during the competition. On the Saturday afternoon, after Stage 2, we invite you to take part in the voivodeship relays. More information in the section.

Další informace a bulletiny budou zveřejněny v polštině a angličtině.
We have first entries, through the PZOS website entry form as well as through this website – among them 2 people from Finland. In the “Terrain and maps” section we added the photos of the terrain and Stage 2 and 3 competition centre. On the situation map in the “How to get here” section we added lodgings described in the bulletin and the centres of particular stages.

Dnes byly oficiálně zprovozněny webové stránky závodů. Doporučujeme seznámení s popisem terénu a mapami, a také s lokalizací jednotlivých etap. Níže první ukázka:
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