Terrain and maps:

18th edition of Limanowa Cup takes us to Nowy Wiśnicz. We are preparing to you three maps in three terains.
All maps are being made from scratch using LIDAR data.

Stage I - Bella Vita

As a warm up we propose a lengthened middle distance race. This stage will probably be the most physically demanding one – although compared to some stages of previous editions it could be considered a stroll ;)
The area of the 1st stage spans over a forest complex on the Raba river. Competition centre will be placed near a historic manor called ‘Bella Vita’. The terrain is characterised by moderate climb (250-350m. asl) in a beech forest with very good runnability. The relief in dominated by ravines (some quite deep), draws and ridges, accompanied by streams, ditches and a moderate network of roads.
The terrain is similar to that presented on two maps: Pogwizdów and Kopaliny.

Scale 1:10 000 and 1:7 500
Author: Jacek Kozłowski, update: Piotr Pietroń
Area coordinates: 49.890925, 20.245880

Stage 2 - Nowy Wiśnicz


Scale 1:4 000
Author: Jacek Kozłowski
Area coordinates: 49.915406, 20.462513

Stage 3 - Mały Wiśnicz

Third stage will held among hills south of the village of Brzeźnica.
The terrain is typical for Pogórze Wielickie: forest with very good runnability, moderate climb (250-350m. asl), many forking ravines, usually shallow and marshy. Moderate network of roads.
Stage 3 will be middle distance.

Scale 1:10 000 and 1:7 500
Author: Jacek Kozłowski
Area coordinates: 49.937194, 20.512652