Welcome to the Silesia O-Cup!

We invite everybody to the amazing event that is Silesia O-Cup, which will be also the 17th edition of what is known as Limanowa Cup. The competition will take place on 28th-30th June 2019, in the heart of Upper Silesia: in Katowice, Chorzów and Bytom.

Silesia O-Cup is now over.
We would like to thank everyone for taking part in our competition. We hope you enjoyed it.
We had 364 participants from 15 countries and 5 continents (Europe, Asia, Australia, North America and South America) - an impressive result.

The final results of the whole competition, as well as for particular stages, can be found in the Results tab. You will also find there the maps for classes M21E and K21E for all stages.
In the Gallery section we posted links to all photos from all stages and also for the decoration ceremony.

What next? We would like to invite you to Limanowa Cup 2020 (more details soon) and to a series Katowice Wieczorową Porą, that starts this autumn.
For now we would like to wish you a great time during your summer holidays.
See you next year!

We present start times for Stage 4. You can see them here

We present start times for Stages 1, 2 and 3. You can see them here
Stage 4 is handicap, so start times for this Stage will be published Saturday evening.
In the Results tab we posted a link where you will see the online results for all stages.

We also present start times for TrailO. You can find it here.See you in Bytom!

English version of Bulletin is available now. You can find it in 'Bulletins' tab.

During stage 2 there will be a bookcrossing event where you can receive a book for free. The books will be available at the competition centre (sports field on ul. Ścigały).

We published Polish version of Bulletin 2. You can find it in 'Bulletins' tab.
English version of Bulletin 2 will be published tomorrow.

A few important information regarding Trail-O event.

Start of Trail-O will be located near the Stage 2 competition centre.
Start is at 11:00. The course is ca. 1,4 km. There will be 11 control points located in Bogucki Park, Silesia Museum and NOSPR. The finish line will be next to the NOSPR building. After the Pre-O part, the competitors will have to finish a Temp-O task next to the NOSPR building.

Entries accepted via email: pietronp@gmail.com until 23:59 on June 27th (Thursday).
ATTENTION: There will be an opportunity for additional entries at the start line but only for up to 10 people.

Additional information regarding Trail-O: Adrian Król +48 603 937 623

Due to requests from competitors we are extending the entry deadline until Sunday, June 23rd. The entry form will close at midnight. Wire payments are accepted until June 21st. All later payments will be collected at the competition office.

There is a small change for the Trail-O event, which will take place on Saturday during Stage 2 (not Stage 3 as planned earlier).

For our competitors we will have dinners served at the competition centre every day, after Stage 1, 2
and 4. The price per day is 18 PLN.
Please let us know if you will be ordering meals via entry form.

There will also be a snack bar available at the competition centre everyday.

In the "Bulletins" section you can find Bulletin 1 with important information regarding our competition. Please take a look.

In the "Terrain and maps" section we added fragments of new maps, terrain photos from all stages and all competition centres.

We have added accommodation options in Primary School No 38 in Bytom. Tourist conditions - own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Price is 12 PLN per night.
If you are interested, please fill in appropriate entries on your enttry from. To do this, log in and go to: My entry -> Edit accommodation, meal and car park options.

Due to the fact that our bank data were not easy to find on our website, we have decided to extend the lower entry fee deadline until May 10th.
You can find the bank data here here.

We would like to remind you that the deadline for the lower entry fee is April 30th.
Make up your mind quickly and save some money.

We are starting with the presentation of the terrains we chose for Silesia O-Cup.
Let us begin with the very last one, which we called Dolomites.

The map for this stage is already finished. It turned out to be quite a surprise for us, as the terrain is much better and more interesting than it seemed to be when we scouted it last year. It is very diversified, with lots of pits in a clean beech forest, small marches in more overgrown parts and a few areas with microrelief. For desserts we have an overgrown quarry and surrounding half-open terrain with rocks and boulders with quite high climbs.

In the “Terrain and maps” section we present photos and map fragments. More to be found on our Facebook page and event. Please take a look at both.

Trail-O during Silesia Cup

On Saturday afternoon we offer an opportunity to take part in a Trail-O competition, which will be held next to Stage 3 arena, in Silesia Park.
There is no entry fee but instead we strongly encourage you to make donations to Na Ratunek Foundation (Fundacja Na Ratunek).
More information regarding this extra stage will be given later.
Entries accepted via email: pietronp@gmail.com

Our competition joined the Orienteering Euroleague. It is a series of competitions held in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the event calendar apart from Silesia O-Cup there is also a big Czech competition Grand Prix Silesia.
We encourage everyone to take part in the other events in the Euroleague series, as they are very interesting and will be held very close to Silesia.

Silesia O-Cup has partnered with the biggest Hungarian orienteering competition - Hungaria Kupa. We strongly encourage everyone to visit their website. Maybe some of you will be interested in going there in August to compete in an attractive terrain.

Due to large interest we have created a new class: DUET. It's a class for competitors that would like to run in pairs. Courses will be suitable for beginners so everyone will enjoy them.

In the December 2018 issue of Bieg na Orientacje magazine you can find a poster of our competition. If you haven't seen it yet - take a look at page 48.

We have first contestant entering the Silesia O-Cup. We welcome them and invite you to join as well.

The area of Stage 2 was the venue for the recent COP24 UN Climate Change Conference. Please head over to our Facebook to see the area as it looked a few days ago.
Make sure to like our Facebook page as we will be posting there many information about the competition.

The entry form is now available in the Entries tab.

Welcome to the official website of Silesia O-Cup.
Many of you got here looking for information about Limanowa Cup. This is no mistake. Next year, the competition known as Limanowa Cup will take place in the heart of Upper Silesia.

Probably not many people had the chance to try orienteering in this area, so now you can make up for it. We are preparing 4 stages that will take place across 3 days. There will be two forest stages, one park-forest stage and one urban stage.
Each stage will be a different kind of challenge and will take you to a new and interesting place.

Please take a look at bulletin 0 in the Bulletins tab. Under Terrain and maps and How to get here you will find details regarding each stage and its location.

Once again, please feel invited!