Welcome to the 15th Limanowa Cup!

We invite everybody to the 15th Jubilee Edition of Limanowa Cup. The competition will take place on 29th-31st July 2017, near Limanowa.

Limanowa Cup entry system is open now. We are wainting for your entry.

Bulletin 1 has been updated with first accommodation options. At the moment we have sleeping places on floors in two schools.
Please takea look at the updated bulletin.

On the website in the 'Bulletins' tab you can find Bulletin 1 and a promotional leaflet.

There are just over six months left to the competitions, so we are really getting to business with the preparations. Please visit our website often and give us a 'Like' on our Facebook page.

Welcome to the official website of the 15th jubilee Limanowa Cup.

In 2017 Poland is hosting an unusual orienteering event - The World Games. Is is the most prestigious competition in the world - more high ranking than the World Championships. It will be held on 25th - 27th July. The organizers are preparing an accompanying event O-games. Limanowa Cup will take place right after O-games, being a second part of the accompanying event to The World Games. The programme of the whole week is a follows:

25.07 - O-games / The World Games day 1
26.07 - O-games / The World Games day 2
27.07 - O-games / The World Games day 3
28.07 - rest day
29.07 - Limanowa Cup stage 1
30.07 - Limanowa Cup stage 2
31.07 - Limanowa Cup stage 3

The last week of July 2017 will be a big orientering festival in Poland. We invite you to take part both in O-games and Limanowa Cup.

As far as 15th Limanowa Cup is concerned, we are going back to our roots in Limanowa. We are planning 3 forest races (middle, long and middle), which will be held in the most interesting terrains around Limanowa. Although it is mostly a mountainous area, the maps and courses will be prepared so as to ensure the best conditions for orienteering.
In the 'Terrrain and maps' and 'How to get here' tabs you can find more details regarding particular stages and their location.

We strongly encourage everyone to take part in Limanowa Cup 2017!
Below we present the official logo of the competition.


Competition organized by UKS Patria Młynne: