Welcome to the 16th Limanowa Cup!

We invite everybody to the 16th Edition of Limanowa Cup. The competition will take place on 27th-29th July 2018, near Stary Sącz.

We would like to inform that there are no free places in the dormitory in Limanowa. You can still book places at the primary school in Gołkowice (1 km from Stage 2 and 3 competition centre).

We would like to inform that the entry deadline has been extended until 22nd July (Sunday).

On Saturday and Sunday there will be dinners available at the competition centre. Please update your entry form accordingly.

The entry deadline in now one month away. For those who still haven't decided we present one of the prizes for the best competitors. Just like last year, the winners will receive jars of Limanowa Cup jam. Photo to whet your apetite below.

English version of Bulletin 1 is available now.

Bulletin 1 (Polish version) is available now. English version of bulletin will be available tomorrow.
Entry system is also available. We are waiting for your entry.

Welcome to the official website of the 16th Limanowa Cup.
We strongly encourage everyone to take part in Limanowa Cup 2018!
Below we present the official logo of the competition.


Competition organized by UKS Patria Młynne: